Successful Poker Lessons From Warren Buffett

2.) He risks one thousand in chips with 50% odds. OCCASIONAL pots with the best odds. Shopping for pots and bluffing when you may have good positioning. Long term, good management, and stable numbers. Look forward to good cards. Concentrate on THE Players, NOT THE Cards. Opponents first, cards second. Anticipate the right time to bluff out an opponent. Await the right time to steal the blinds. Anticipate the perfect time to bust the manic on the table. Look forward to the right time to go all-in. That is TRIPLE the results over time! 32% of the time you’d lose 1,000 chips whole. 8% of the time you’d lose 3,000 chips whole. CHIPS AS I CAN! 3.) He risks a thousand in chips with 60% odds. 1.) He dangers one thousand in chips with 60% odds. 1000) with 70% odds in your favor. OCCASIONAL 70% or higher. Price OF THE Inventory. Buffett really would not even look at the price until Last. Buffett is to By no means Fear doing the «unpopular» factor.

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